United Council Student Protests Disrupts Special Olympics Ceremony

I’m sure by now many of you reading this have seen the infamous video of student protesters disrupting a Special Olympics ceremony. And although this is relatively old news I wanted to pass along some articles and my own opinions on the matter since I know many of my constituents, personal friends, and other colleagues have a deep personal connection with the Special Olympics, some of whom have spent many years volunteering for.

For coverage on this issue please see here and here for two different opinions which each take aim from different angles and take offence for slightly different reasons.

The protests were put on by United Council, and organization that UW Madison students just months ago voted to remain members of. In my opinion these tactics don’t work but moving beyond that disrupting a Special Olympics ceremony is simply inexcusable and something I do not tolerate. What was supposed to be a pleasant congratulatory ceremony for these athletes became a quick cheap shot for these students to gain 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately those 15 minutes come with nothing but ridicule from what is now national attention.

To quote Ricky Ricardo: “United Council, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

They did hastily crank out a press release immediately trying to distance themselves from this incident. I’m just having trouble buying it. You?

In a recent meeting with Assistant Dean of Students Kevin Helmkamp, he expressed his frustration with the protests and added how he had been fielding questions from angry parents phone calls all day.


2 responses to “United Council Student Protests Disrupts Special Olympics Ceremony

  1. Special Olympics themselves have said they want this story to go away. Put it to bed, or you yourself are only furthering an invented controversy that the people working for Special Olympics themselves want to go away.

    This is an opportunistic and inaccurate strike at United Council that is unfair. Stop it, so we can all focus on the issues facing the people of Wisconsin.

  2. decency and respect breeds better treatment

    One of the issues for the people of Wisconsin is wondering why our state’s kids have no sense of decency or respect toward others as this incident clearly shows. Do you honestly think the people of Wisconsin (the voters who elect our public officials who in turn decide the university budget) are more inclined to support higher education after this deplorable stunt?

    Inevitably, the question will always be “who came up with this ridiculous idea in the first place?” The answer is clear since United Council sponsored the event and has sponsored ridiculous events like this for years, in fact decades! An organization has to earn respect before it will be taken seriously, and right now Wisconsin has no respect for United Council. They brought this on themselves.

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