Oh Hey you Can’t do This Either…

Another piece of legislation being introduced at tonight’s council meeting is a motion to rescind ASM’s endorsement of The New Badger Partnership. The sponsors (Representative Pan and Representative DeQuattro) have issues with process in which the 17th session voted on this a few weeks ago. (Even though it was 100% legal)

Below is the actual language that the 17th session voted and passed. It seems as if Representative Pan and Representative DeQuattro are against the following:

“Be it resolved that, the ASM Student Council supports the proposed public authority model so long as it:

  • Maintains Shared Governance as articulated in 36.09(5), including control over the disposition of student fees and the right to organize as students see fit.
  • Includes 2 students on the Board of Trustees.
  • Maintains cost to continue for UW Madison
  • Supports an increase in need based financial aid.
  • Supports fairness in hiring and pay equity, unequivocally supports academic freedom, ensures fairness in agreements with private entities”

What’s more is that 18th session CAN’T do this. What this legislation is essentially looking to do is rescind someone else’s opinion. According to simple parliamentary procedure this cannot happen. Given that not everyone is as up to par with parli pro I’ll give some slack there however I’m a little baffled by the logic in what they are attempting to do. How can you rescind an opinion that you never made? Seems like a purely politically motivated action to me.


3 responses to “Oh Hey you Can’t do This Either…

  1. I am in disbelief that you always think you are right, Tom. Other people have valid opinions on this campus, and by the vote of our fantastic students, no longer represent us in student government. Take your opinions elsewhere.

    • Elsewhere? He’s an elected member of Council and can comment and legislate how he sees fit.

      In this case, 18th Session can purely make a counter platform. They can pass something against the NBP or stay neutral but the previous statement was the opinion of the prior session and it’s still correct to say that the 17th Session supported it.

      18th Session is more than welcome to establish their own opinion but they cannot say what 17th Session felt.

  2. Yea! How dare you think you’re right so often. I demand you start saying some things you think are wrong!

    When you express opinions that disagree with people it’s so much different than when other people express opinions that disagree with yours that it’s you that has to be silenced.

    Go express your opinions in a place where only people explicitly interested in reading them will be able to see them, like your blog or something.

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