Badger Partnership: ASM Leadership on the ball

I wanted to give a quick shout out and thank you to Associated Students of Madison Chair Brandon Williams and Vice Chair Adam Johnson on their great work putting pressure on the UW administration, (most notably Chancellor Martin, Provost DeLuca, Dean of Students Lori Berquam, Vice Chancellor Darrell Bazzell, and Don Nelson) to release more information regarding the Badger Partnership concept. Today after weeks of talks campus officials updated the website and released the this document outlining the different state statues that affect the university in a number of ways.

The question is now, how will student council respond tonight when they take up a vote on Rep. Zinn’s poorly written legislation demanding just this? Zinn’s legislation is wrought with incorrect statements and overall shows a gross misunderstanding of the state budget process. I anxiously await for tonight. In the meantime I’m glad to have strong leaders like Williams and Johnson at the head of ASM.

4 responses to “Badger Partnership: ASM Leadership on the ball

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  2. Are you kidding?

  3. Hi Tom,

    First, I would like to say that I was the only person to attend this meeting between ASM leadership and administration (Wednesday 12/8) and between Labor Management Advisory Committee and administration (Friday 12/10). While I found both meetings very productive and interesting, I would like to offer some clarification. ASM leadership (Chair Brandon Williams, Vice Chair Adam Johnson, Chief of Staff Tom Templeton) and I were given the privilege to see the documents that administration released today (12/15). However, ASM leadership simply asked for a “good faith effort” from administration. ASM leadership and I did not request that these documents be released. We were fairly complacent with the administration’s claim that the release of state statutes that they want to change would harm the university’s political strategy.

    At the meeting between Madison organized labor and administration, however, organized labor (AFSCME, TAA, AFT) strongly urged Chancellor Martin to release these documents. Although I truly believe that ASM leadership had a role in the administration’s release of the state statutes that they would like to change, I do not believe that the release came as a direct result of this meeting as you would like to claim. The release of these documents resulted from lobbying efforts of many others, including LMAC.


    • Thanks for the update on the work done by AFSCME, TAA, and AFT, and great work. I would like to note however that the meeting you attended was only one of many meetings as well as numerous informal one on one discussions between ASM leaders and various administrators throughout the past week. Many of these conversations were had at the UW System Board of Regents meeting 12/9 as well as at Chancellor Martin’s town and gown event on 12/14.

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