Ready from Day 1

Left to right: Chief of Staff Tom Templeton, Chair Brandon Williams, Vice Chair Adam Johnson

Yesterday ASM Chair Brandon Williams appointed me his Chief of Staff. [Press Release found here] I am honored Chair Williams chose me for this position and I’m excited for this new opportunity to serve the students of UW Madison. My time spent as Vice Chair of ASM during the 16th session allowed me to learn the many intricacies of ASM and the University. Additionally, I was able to meet many people and have since gained many friends, colleagues, and contacts across the university and the state. I hope to utilize this network of people to further the initiatives of ASM.

Where I feel my main task will be to assist and advise Chair Williams in his day to day work, I want to expand this mentality to Student Council and Coordinating Council. I hope to serve as an extension of the Chair to make sure tasks don’t get left behind or forgotten. A prime example of this was when I was in the office yesterday doing paperwork and helping Chair Williams with some scheduling when a student walked in and wanted to talk about a campaign idea. Chair Williams had to run to a meeting but I was available to talk with him to make sure his opinions were heard. From there I followed up with Chair Williams. I feel this is a perfect example of what some of my work will entail.

Once again, I am excited to serve and look forward to a successful term in ASM. The chairs of the committees are all great leaders and I do not believe ASM has ever had a better, more cohesive team as dedicated and experienced as our current leadership. On top of that we have two exceptional leaders with an abundant amount of experience, knowledge, and skill in the Chair/Vice Chair office facilitating and working with this great team. A team I am proud to call myself the newest member of.

9 responses to “Ready from Day 1

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  2. Great picture Tom. Congrats! Was the picture taken before or after you were appointed 😉

  3. Michael Romenesko

    Congrats Tom! Knew you’d get it.

    Looks like some people are being a bit passive aggressive about it.

    • I was merely commenting on how good looking everyone is! Professional too! I’ve disagreed with the position from the start, I really never argued Tom wasn’t the most qualified!

  4. Congratulations Mr. Templeton. You will make a fine addition to an already stellar leadership team in ASM this year.

    You are undoubtedly serving on the best all-around ASM crew as has ever been assembled; fight the good fight!

  5. Michael Romenesko

    Regardless of your position, your comment was still quite passive aggressive. You were not “merely commenting on how good looking everyone is.”

  6. Now boys, play nice.

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